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Sustainable Elegance,

             Rooted in Heritage

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Handcrafted Jewellery
from the woodlands of Ireland


A moment to treasure...

Creating jewellery to capture a 'timeless glimpse of nature' is the inspiration

for our ‘Woodlands Collection’. Using elements from the ancient woodlands

forges a connection between our unique jewellery and the magic and mystery of Ireland's rich heritage.

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Of the highest quality

Designed & crafted in Ireland, your jewellery will have passed through Dublin Castle to be stamped with an Irish Hallmark certifying its authenticity and quality. 

Each piece is also hand-stamped with our Artist’s registered mark. Your jewellery is then packaged in our Roots of Ireland luxury eco carrier bag and box making it the perfect gift.

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Steeped in story

To create our jewellery, we use elements of nature from all over Ireland, from the windswept coast of Clare to the fern filled forests of Cork, to our home in the shadows of Guinness' Castle and the surrounding woodlands of Leixlip.  

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A gift of the future...

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At The Roots of Ireland, we want to help ensure that the natural beauty of the Irish landscape continues for future generations to enjoy. 

As part of each piece from ‘The Woodland Collection’ we will make a donation to the Irish Native Woodland Trust who are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Ireland's ancient woodlands.


Meaning your piece of jewellery will not only be a treasured gift to you but will be a gift to all, ensuring the majestic ancient woodlands of Ireland continue to flourish long into the future.

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