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Gold Twig Bangle

Gold Twig Bangle


The Roots of Ireland Twig Bangle has been directly cast from a branch of a beautiful beech tree which stands proud in the woodlands of Ireland. The beech tree is symbolic of creativity, understanding and wisdom and is sometimes referred to as the "mother of the woods" with its protective broad canopy. To create our jewellery, we use elements of nature from all over Ireland, from the windswept coast of Clare to the fern filled forests of Cork, to our home in the shadows of Guinness' Castle and the surrounding woodlands. Size: Medium. The shape of this piece is naturally organic, so size is approximate at 62-67mm diameter Large. The shape of this piece is naturally organic so size is approximate at 7cm diameter.

Material: 18 k Gold on Sterling Silver Additional Information:

Approx Size 7cm/Large

Made and Hallmarked in Ireland.

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