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Steve & Caroline The Roots of Ireland .j

"To translate to tangible, a moment of time, a touch point symbolic of connection, a present filled with, its history of past, and its hope of future. A contentment of place, a love of connection, a joy of love, true in nature, true in us."


Who we are -

We are a small jewellery business based in Leixlip, Co. Kildare. 

We wanted to create jewellery as a tangible reminder of our connection to nature, each other and the world around us. This is what led us to create our 'Woodlands Collection'. 


We have 2 small children and as a family love being in the outdoors, in any type of weather and the beautiful walks we are so lucky to have both on our doorstep and all around Ireland.


A little bit about us -

Steve's background is in Design Innovation, he has worked on designs for a wide range of areas from medical and wellness devices for Parkinson's disease, anxiety and dry eye disease to interiors and jewellery design. Steve is driven by a passion for people, environment and a love of making. He enjoys working with silver, pewter, clay, wood and other organic materials. He finds his inspiration in nature and the world around him.

With a varied background in Music, Yoga and Special Needs and a career in the corporate sector, Caroline now focusses her time on The Roots of Ireland. She works on creating these pieces with Steve. It brings together her love of nature, being in the outdoors and her love of jewellery.



Our family jewellery business

We create silver jewellery using elements of nature from all over Ireland, from the windswept coast of Clare, to the fern filled forests of Cork, to our home in the shadows of Guinness' Castle and the surrounding woodlands of Leixlip.


All of our pieces are hallmarked in Dublin castle, beautifully packaged and shipped worldwide.


Our Vision

Our vision is to create beautiful gifts and at the same time help to preserve the woodlands  for generations to come.


With each piece from ‘The Woodlands Collection’ there is a donation made to the Irish Native Woodland Trust who are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Ireland's ancient woodlands.


We hope you enjoy wearing the pieces as much as we have enjoyed designing and creating them.

Steve and Caroline

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