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Corporate Gifting

Welcome to our Corporate Gifting section, where we connect the rich heritage of Ireland with your corporate needs.

At The Roots of Ireland, we offer exclusive, individual gifts or bespoke selections tailored specifically for your clients and staff.

Our luxurious offerings not only embody the elegance and resilience of Irish nature but also contribute directly to its preservation.


With every gift purchased, we plant trees to help save and restore the Irish woodlands and landscapes, making each gift a meaningful investment in both relationships and the environment.

Discover how our unique, eco-friendly gifts can elevate your corporate gifting experience.

Get Inspired

"So well looked after by Caroline, beautiful and meaningful gifts given to my top clients, Thank you"

"From Nature, For Nature": Our Promise of Sustainable Luxury

At Roots of Ireland Jewellery, sustainability and regrowth is at the core of our mission. Since 2019, we have crafted exquisite jewellery that is not only created from nature but also gives back to it.


Each of our pieces is created by focusing in on a particular element of nature at a specific moment in time. Whether a budding spring leaf of a Whitebeam tree or a tiny dent in a rocky shoreline, we capture that moment into solid silver & gold to create a lasting connection to the beauty and intrigue of Ireland, it's nature and intrigue.   


Partnering with The Native Woodland Trust, we actively contribute to preserving and restoring Ireland’s ancient woodlands, using native trees to revive these vital ecosystems and support rewilding efforts not only offsetting the carbon we generate but also additional carbon and all while actively regrowing and protecting the nature around us.

Our jewellery is made from 100% recycled sterling silver, combining luxury with sustainability.

We have a fully traceable supply chain and collaborate with long-trusted suppliers who meet high environmental and social standards.

The story of our jewellery, the materials used in it's handcrafting and it's packaging and our dedication to the preservation of the woodlands of Ireland all reflect our devotion to creating a positive future for the planet. 

Join us on our sustainability journey, preserving and rewilding Ireland’s heritage and environment for future generations. Make a positive lasting impression with meaningful, sustainable gifts that align with your company’s values.  


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